Friday, 10 March 2017

Pre Test confidence review

A review of "breaking down the walls that are preventing us from working to our potential" shows learners' responses to survey questions.

Question: With our L1 assessment a few days away, how much effort have you put into your learning?
Responses ranged from none to Excellence

Question: What can your teacher do differently, to assist you in becoming successful?

- idk
- nothing
- nothing shes doing good
- talk less and give us more time to do our work

Question: What can your whanau do differently, to assist you in becoming successful?

- let me listen to music 
- do nothing
- offer more support
- they could help me by keeping the wifi on at night so I can do late night studies
- leave the internet on

Question: What can your friends do differently, to assist you in becoming successful?

- nothing
- nothing, no-one distracts me
- stop talking
- stop talking
- help and do not distract each other

Question: What can you do differently, to maximise your learning?

- idk
- stay focused
- do work
- focus more
- sit in the front of the class

Question: What support or encouragement has your teacher given you for this standard?

- she says that she doesn't want the people who just has achieve
- good
- moral support
- work hard
- Shes so positive and supports us better then most teachers.

Unfortunately, none of my Maori learners provided sufficient evidence for our Bivariate Statistics standard or completed the practice test in time, so we discussed these review results, postponed our test date and moved onto our next standard. 

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