Friday, 9 March 2018

Literacy Strategies for Linear Algebra

For our Linear Algebra standard, we are using the "chunking" and "3 Level Guide"
literacy strategies.

Chunking encourages learners to break up contextual information into "bite-sized"
pieces to enhance understanding and the 3 Level Guide supports them to provide
a clear purpose and direction. The three levels are:

- literal (we call it reading on the line - you can see the evidence clearly in front of you)
-interpretive (we call it reading between the lines - compare and explain)
-applied (we call it reading beyond the lines - create an equation to make an informed decision)

The 3 levels of 3 Level Guide fit in perfectly with criteria for Achieved, Merit and Excellence.

Algebra - Internal 3 credits - Numeracy
Form equations
Solve equations (line graph) Substitute
Interpret data(in context)
Create and solve your own equation
Literacy Strategy:
Teaching Strategy
3 Level Guide
Achieved - Read on the line
Merit - Read between the lines
Excellence - Read beyond the lines
Forming equations: Look for secret words:
each, every, single, one, per;
that number gets the letter

Solving equations:

Interpreting data:
Colour code cheapest prices


  1. Hi Noelene, I would like to know more about this three level guide. What do you mean 'read beyond the lines?' How do you explain that to students? It sounds interesting.

  2. Hi Nicola
    Thanks for asking. Reading beyond the line encourages learners to reflect on the context and then predict/create new knowledge - provides evidence for Excellence.