Monday, 17 August 2020

As promised.........

  In my last post I compared SSTS data with National data and I made a promise that this post would show an analysis comparing Maori and Pasifika achievement. As promised..................... below is a breakdown of ethnic data for learners who classify themselves as Maori and Pasifika. The first graph focuses on learners in my 11MAT class and covers the Algebra and Probability Achievement Standards. The graph shows that for both the Algebra and Probability Achievement Standards, Maori and Pasifika learners in 11MAT outperformed Maori and Pasifika nationally.

In a similar vein, 12MAT students who identify as being Maori and Pasifika in my 12MAT class also outperformed Maori and Pasifika nationally, as shown below.

With Auckland being in lockdown and at alert level 3, our goal will be to maintain these statistics. But how is this possible when learner uptake of distance learning is so low? We have just had 3 school days in lockdown and only 1 student from 11MAT and another from 12MAT have made an attempt to engage with their learning thus far. A few learners in each class were meant to be sitting assessments this week while the rest were either continuing with their learning programmes or starting new standards. The latter had sat assessments a day or two before we went into lockdown. All learning resources are available online including rewindable screencast resources and I have availed myself via Google Hangouts for those who need that one-on-one instruction. I have to be mindful that learner wellbeing is paramount at this time and academics, secondary. We will get through this and will find a way to maximise learning opportunities.