Thursday, 2 February 2017

Bivariate Statistics - Plan

 I designed a Bivariate Statistics achievement template using language that learners could understand so that they could build up their confidence, manage their learning and work to their potential.

Statistics (Bivariate) - Internal  3 credits - Literacy/Numeracy
Correct use of the PPDAC cycle

Problem - What is the relationship between
Plan - number of trials (30) and detail about how you are going to collect data
Data - Table
Analysis - Scatterplot
Conclusion - Point, Explain, Example
PPDAC + Relationship and trend
PPDAC + Strength of relationship (in context) and explanation
PPDAC + Example (in context). Limitations of the investigation, Interpolation and Extrapolation
Literacy Strategy:
PPDAC Cycle and PEE chain
Give one Get one
Teaching Strategy

Trend line, slopes uP
Positive relationship
Use similar words
Trend line, slopes dowN
Negative  relationship
Use opposite words