Thursday, 23 February 2017

RISE values in action

On the first day of term, I set myself a goal to learn each students' name, in each of my classes...........wait for the end of that period.

I had a strategy.

After initial welcomes and introductions, Student 1 told me their name, I shook their hand and repeated the name out aloud. I did the same to student 2, but before moving on,  I repeated names 1 and 2. Student 3 said their name, I shook their hand, repeated it loudly and then recalled names 1, 2 and 3 etc until I had been around the entire class. With my foreign accent, I struggled with a few pronunciations and students' initial reactions were to laugh at my effort.

That is a no no in our learning environment and was the perfect opportunity for us to discuss our school value RESPECT.

The RESPECT discussion was well worth it and students soon replaced laughter with words of encouragement.  +Brenton Moyes  +Venini Thaver

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