Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Light bulb moment

Professor Graeme Aitken shared 3 things for learner success at our Manaiakalani PLG today:

Enjoyment of learning, Confidence and Achievement
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I had a light bulb moment ......I am so FOCUSED on Maori achievement in my 1104MAT class, that I have overlooked the enjoyment/fun factor for learning that is needed to build learner confidence which will subsequently lead to achievement. With increased confidence, I am certain that learners will attempt more set tasks which will better prepare them for summative assessments and thus reduce our high level of learners who are not sitting assessments.


  1. And this is your specialty! Good reminder for us all today.

    1. Thank you, Dorothy for the reassurance. I seem to be hitting the bulls eye of the wrong target by focusing solely on achievement and sacrificing the fun aspect of learning. I now know what my next steps are.

    2. What an awesome reflection Noelene! I agree that sometimes we are so focused on the big picture, that we forget about the now. Brenton said to me at the start of the year, make sure you have one awesome lesson every day, where you know the students are having fun and learning heaps. This really stuck with me and, although I want all lessons to be fun, if I pour my heart 100% into one, I know there will be an increased confidence and in turn achievement for that one class at least. Did you have any other major takeaways from today?