Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Managing self

My Year 11's this year have been developing their skills around the key competency "managing self".

For that to happen I took into account:
Knowledge is power - Learners were given knowledge about the various NCEA achievement criteria for the standard and had to choose their proposed level of achievement for that standard. Once that commitment was made, the power was in their hands to achieve to that level by working on a programme created by me.

Building learner confidence - Having the knowledge is futile if learner confidence is lacking, so specific literacy strategies and teacher-designed teaching and learning strategies pertinent to each standard were introduced and discussed prior to each standard.

Managing self - A tracking system to which learners had access, detailed learner confidence and achievement as they worked through learning programmes and practice tests prior to sitting any assessments.

A typical maths lesson followed this routine. Learners were greeted by name as they entered the room as a way for me to acknowledge their presence on the day and immediately checked their calendar for expectations. Google docs/sheets were opened as well as the tracking sheet which showed achievement and feedback. Those who were able to resolve feedback comments had their progress on the tracking sheet updated and those who could not resolve feedback comments had a choice............;  ignore the feedback, ask a peer for support or arrange for a conference lesson with me.

Conference lessons are small-group or individual teaching and learning opportunities requested by the learner for specific support, so they have to have a wondering or question in mind which we work through together and quite often it means referring to the achievement criteria, literacy strategies or teaching and learning strategies. Some learners find it easier to request a conference lesson while others struggle, so I regularly create opportunities for those who are reluctant and sometimes they refuse.

This morning I received a surprise email from one of my reluctant learners.

Student: Miss, Can I have a conference lesson alone?

Me: Certainly my angel - thanks for asking. When is a good time for you?

Student: Ill come sit at your desk for a conference, I just need to understand how to do the Number Programme, Sorry for not telling you earlier I was just a bit too embarssed to come & ask for help.  Ive made a goal to catch up on every work. Thanks Miss Dunn!!

Another learner sent me this via email

Hi Mrs Dunn. In order for me to achieve and get the grade I need to achieve in this class, I kindly ask if you can help encourage me in staying on task and helping me finish off my work with a positive attitude. Maybe putting me on focus browse until I've finished the task I've been given on that specific day.

Some of my reluctant learners are finally taking responsibility and now willing to manage their learning and achievement more effectively.

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