Friday, 6 April 2018

Raising Maori are we doing?

With one more week left for term 1, we have had one learner leave and a new one
arrive so there are still 13 priority learners doing NCEA L1 maths. The college has set an
expectation that learners will pass at least 1 standard per subject per term, which means
thatthe minimum requirement is 3 credits in maths this term. To date, we have 23% who
have met the college's credit protocol by gaining a minimum of 3 NCEA L1 numeracy
credits with three of the thirteen students surpassing credit protocol by gaining
6 credits.

I am hoping for a flurry of activity in the final week of term 1 so that learners have
credits next to their name and they can start the next term with more confidence.

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