Thursday, 8 February 2018

Bivariate Statistics - persistent learning challenge (contextual evidence)

Our current achievement standard (Bivariate Statistics) offers both literacy and numeracy credits, so it is vital that learners explain their ideas explicitly and in context as this is a requirement for achievement. I would often ask learners to tell me about the relationship and a common response  would be:
positive relationship
it is positive

I had to address this persistent learning challenge of explaining in context, by looking inwardly and being more explicit about my use of subject-specific terminology when posing questions, so I found that by rephrasing my instruction to "tell me about the relationship between the variables" had a considerable and almost immediate effect as responses changed from
- positive relationship ..................there is a positive relationship between the variables
- it is ..................the relationship between the variables is positive

This contextual description of relationships gave learners the confidence to elaborate on and explain bivariate relationships and most are working towards merit/excellence.

The Bivariate Statistics Cheat Sheet outlining achievement criteria, literacy strategies and teaching strategies was discussed extensively and collaboratively and each learner made a copy of it and gave it a title "Achieved, Merit or Excellence" depending on what grade they are working towards and hope to get for this standard. Not a single learner chose "Not Achieved", so everyone wants to be successful and my challenge is to hold learners accountable by ensuring that their effort and attitude matches their chosen grade

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